Family Residency Completed and Driving License done!

With the residency permits and QIDs all returned, the only outstanding thing was for Nadia's driving license to be transferred.

I got an email at work requesting I go and sign the paperwork for the driving license application, I was offshore at the time, so not possible to pop in and do it. I responded saying this and the company government affairs contact said not to worry, they will proceed with the application and I will sign it later.

A few days later I received an appointment meeting request for Nadia to meet the GA rep up at the driving centre. Having not signed the paperwork yet, I confirmed that she was still to meet considering I had not signed the sponsorship forms yet. They came back and confirmed everything okay and to meet at the requested time and place.

She proceeded to the Al Rayah driving school and met up with the GA rep, he gave them instructions to follow, quick eye test and all done.

A couple of days later, I received an email from the GA rep to collect the new driving license from the office. Having not signed any paperwork yet, I contacted the GA rep to see if I still needed to come into the office when I got back from offshore to sign the documents, however, everything had been taken care of and nothing needed signing. Don't know who/what/how, but safe to say it was taken care off.

And that's it, end of the process! Residency done and driving licenses done!

Nadia could now take the QIDs etc to the school for them to copy and allow the kids to start school.


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