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First Trip Offshore

First 24 hours solo!

What a day....made it offshore though!

heading offshore for 1st trip!

Villaggio Mall..........and 1st petrol station visit!

[TripAdvisor Contribution] Butcher's Shop and Grill - Great Spot of Lunch in the Mall

A busy day today! Twice across the city and offshore courses...

Quiet Traffic, Villas, More Apple and Survivals

Roadworks, Banking and Villas

Resident Premit process complete, and traffic mayhem

Meet the Scammers!

Finger Prints and BBQ Brunch

Residency Process Continues and oh no an iPhone!

Day 2 - The Car, the drive home....the blood lost!

First Day At Work

[TripAdvisor Contribution] TGIF On C'Ring North of Salwa Rd junction.

[TripAdvisor Contribution] SkyView - The bar with the view!