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Waking up in Quarantine

With the late night last night and a long day of travelling the 2 days before, I was a little bit bleary eyed and not really sure where I was when the doorbell of the hotel room went at around 8am. This was breakfast first quarantine meal. I took the brown paper bag inside, put it on the table and then fell back on my bed....I think I was there for around 20 minutes before I decided to look at the bag. Breakfast Delivery Breakfast consisted of sausages, cheese omelette, fried potatoes, beans. 2 slices of bread, an apple, low fat milk carton, Tiptree marmalade, honey and strawberry jam pots and some butter. In addition to this, there was also 6 litres of bottled water in the room already, some milk pots in the fridge for the tea/coffee making. The Room The room is a typical room on the 9th floor. Stayed in them many times before as part of our rotation. I was pleased that the room had a separate shower and bath, as some of them have the shower in the bath.

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