Saturday, 2 May 2015

Fruit, fruit and more fruit.

Back in the UK I was never really a big fruit eater. Occasionally would have the odd Granny Smith apple or a handful of seedless grapes and maybe the odd tangerine.
It is maybe the fact that I have a fresh plate of fruit delivered to the office everyday, but for whatever reason I am certainly eating more fruit than ever before.

When it comes to food, I have never been that adventurous, but again here I have amazed myself.

On the fruit plate I had been provided with some "hairy balls" and also a small round hard thing with a green top. After a bit of enquiry with my friends on Facebook, the information as to what they were and how to eat them was provided.

The first one, the hairy balls, turned out to be Rambutan. Following the instructions I proceeded to split them open, pulled the fruit out and with a degree of intrepidation took a bite. Conclusion, it tastes just like a grape! Okay, the texture is a bit weird, but perfectly acceptable to me......this one is now on my official list of edible foods!
The next one is the Mangosteen. Tearing it open revealed the white segments of fruit inside. For some reason it reminded me of the film Aliens and the little aliens coming out of their cocoons! This one took a bit more effort, I ended up with juice everywhere and as for the taste, not quite sure how to describe this one. Think it will take another one at least to decide if it is a keeper or not!

Mangosteen - Fruit Segments

Mangosteen - Slimed me!

At least there is also a steady stream of more familiar fruit like grapes and green apples, but do wonder what else might turn up one day!


  1. Those fruits are very interesting and look very weird 😂

    1. You will definitely like the hairy ones!


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