Entry System Maintenance

The villa has a video entry system (Commax brand), with a doorbell and camera at the front gate and then a telephone/LCD display in the lower and upper halls of the villa.

The system was playing up and when the doorbell was pressed, the screens would go haywire.

The maintenance guys were called and they came round to have a look, after changing out the camera they thought they had fixed it, but as they were putting it back together again, the screens went fuzzy.

They then proceed to tear the system apart and spent the next couple of hours belling out the cables and doing all sorts. I just left them to it, as it would probably only get me frustrated to watch them! It was bad enough just seeing the rats nest of wires sprouting from the walls!

In the end they changed out the camera unit at the gate and the upper telephone/video display.

At least they fixed it......what exactly was wrong? I have no idea!

Commax Head Unit


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