Sunday, 1 May 2016

[TripAdvisor Contribution] Aqua Park Qatar - 1st visit to this park (Saturday Visit)

My daughter was desperate to for a day at the water park and seeing as it was her 9th birthday she wanted to go, not for her party, but just with her parents and grandparents.

We left the compound on C'ring and simply headed straight out Salwa Road and was there in about 30 minutes. Arrived in the car park about 5 minutes before opening time (10am) and there were only about half a dozen cars there.

Purchasing tickets at the gate, making use of the HSBC Entertainer App tickets and also the BOGOF vouchers in the Entertainer Book reduced the cost of entry to half what it would normally have been.

Walked through the gate and it was empty, walking round the park and selecting some seating near the edge of the wave pool.

The place never really got busy, yes people steadily arrived as the day went on, but it never really got busy all the way up until we left just before 2 pm.

The food at the kiosks was relatively well priced considering the captive audience. the park was clean and tidy. The wind did start to pick up a bit after lunch and this did start to see more litter being blown around from people not looking after their own waste.

The only real negative is the sun loungers are fixed at an angle, and really hard with no cushions, so take an extra thick towel to put down on them.

Another interesting thing to note was that the park appears to be under the flight path for the Air Force base and there was regular different aircraft taking off, which became a bit of a plane spotting thing for my dad! From B52s, Refuellers, AWACS, and several others that I don't know what they were!

The park is small by those who have Disney water parks as their benchmark, but when it is quiet as it was, it is no issue. Various areas catering for different ages of children and the fact they can just go and enjoy themselves and be out and about instead of on an tablet/mobile etc. is justification enough!

For info: Saturday is Family day and Tuesday is Ladies day (and male children upto 1.2m in height)

Dress code is meant to be 'Modest', but there were some westerners there with Bikinis on, so not sure exactly what the restrictions are, best to check out their website and be just be considerate towards locals and take a back-up just in case.

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