AC Fixed!

As posted yesterday, the upstairs AC was broken, so had to sleep downstairs as it was 32'C up in the bedrooms.

This morning, I got up and started to poke around the system, There was a very slight cool air flow coming in the vent on the stairwell and it also sounded like the fan was on in the ducting, but just very very quiet.

The maintenance guys were on the day off today, but I did request the security to get a hold of them yesterday evening, but no sign of them by lunchtime.

I went back to security gate again today and asked them to get hold of the maintenance guys as I need it fixing now.

10 minutes later, the guy turned up. I apologised for getting him out on his day off, but needs must and all that!

Maintenance had been 2 weeks earlier as the same fan was rumbling and I asked him if it was him that came round and he confirmed that yes it was him and it was one of the belts had snapped causing the rumbling.

He took the ceiling to bits in one of the bathrooms were the fans are in the void space and came out a while later and confirmed that one of the belts is stretched compared to the new one fitted before and they are not working together. He headed off to get a replacement, came back, fitted it and bingo we now have a proper sounding fan and lots of cool air from the vents.

Just to be on the safe side he also went out the garden AC units and topped up both of their gas pressures.

6 hours later and the temperature has only dropped around 3'C. There is so much heat stored in the walls and floors that it is taking ages to cool down! Another night on the sofa it is then!

I am not surprised it takes so long considering that it reached 49.4'c on the garden thermometer in the shade.

Slipped him a few bob for his troubles/disturbing his day off and away he went a happy man. :-)

Upstairs temperature ~6 hours after AC fixed.


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