Tuesday, 30 August 2016

"Magic Hose" anti-climax!

On the balcony we have a hose for washing down. Unfortunately, it is a really cheap one, with ultrathin walls and it collapses/kinks really easily and cuts the water flow off.

I was walking through Carrefour and noticed in the gardening section the "As seen on TV" "Magic Hose". They had them in a couple of different size, but opted for the small one as it was only to reach this and the other balcony.

The next day, I thought I would open it up and give it a try and get the balconies cleaned.

The tap end was screwed straight onto the tap connection and the other end screwed onto the provided spray head. It also came with another adapter for using with a snap on type connector.

Turning the water on, the hose started to expand and then I immediately noticed a leak, and then a 2nd leak, and the hose stopped growing. In fact, the water leaks were so bad from the hose, that the hose wouldn't expand at all after the 2nd leak.

Talk about disappointing!

I pinched the hose before the 2nd leak and the upstream section expanded further and the 1st leak was even more obvious!

I don't know if the hose had been sat in a warehouse for a long time and has perished internally or is a manufacturing defect, but think I'll be taking it back.....

See for yourself......

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