Moving out becomes a reality when........

With Cyprus on the horizon, you know it is fast approaching when all the indicators tell you it is nearly time!

Last week the HR department sent me the demobilisation flight confirmation for N,M+S. They are heading back to the UK for summer, and stopping off to visit family on the way.

Also, last week, the shipping agents also got in touch to ask about relocation needs. Completed and returned the requirements form, so will probably hear back from them next week. I had already a survey done recently, before work confirmed they were organising the shipping.

Today, the letting agent for the villa came round for the pre-inspection. That was relatively painless. Fortunately we hadn't made any modifications. They did enquire about a few things, but fortunately they were all there before we moved in, namely;
1) Stair gate on the stairs to the roof.
2) Partition in the master bedroom.
3) Cat flap in the kitchen door.

Also made comment about a couple of small cracks in one of the rear bathroom sinks, (the bathroom has 3 sinks), but this is old cracking in the surface glaze.

He also asked about our gazebo, but told him I was talking it with us. Not sure if he thought it was original or what.

Anywhere, 2 months will be over and done before we no it.

Not long now!


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