The next chapter! Hello NOC.

Today was the day.......the all change day!

Yes, 14th July marked the day 1 of North Oil Company taking over the operation of the Al-Shaheen oil field in Qatar. I am sure the next 25 years of the license will be as successful as the last 25 years under Maersk Oil Qatar.

Being offshore at the moment, it was odd going to bed working for one company, and waking up in the morning working for the new one.

It did come with its benefits.....for example, the MOQ systems were shut off and access removed at midnight, this meant that all emails had vanished, gone, never to be seen again!

We had feared that we would have woken up in the morning to a lack of internet, wifi, telephones etc. but all was good. It wasn't long before we also had access to the new email system. Now it is just time to get head round all the new documents etc.

Thank you to MOQ for the last 28.5 months and hello NOC to the next however long!


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