Friday, 29 May 2015

BBQ Supplies

I brought my BBQ from the UK, it is a combination one with both a charcoal side and a gas side.

Needed to get suitable gas cylinders and regulator and after a bit of searching and asking a local furniture store who stock gas BBQ's, I headed out to track down the necessary bits.

The advice given was visit a WOQOD petrol station and they should have everything. The nearest outlet was about 3 km away, so jumped in the car and headed off. Located the station and it was packed. Managed to get through the queue and spotted the gas racks at the back of the station and parked next to them. Sure enough the sign showed the prices of the bits needed.

Walked into the store and up to the counter and asked the guy at the desk and sure enough they had cylinders, hose and regulators, but no hose clips.

Anyway, purchased a cylinder and regulator, and also some hose just in case!

A new gas cyclinder was priced at 365QAR (~65UKP) and it was 15QAR (~2.50UKP) for refills after that. This was for a 12Kg cyclinder. The regulator was 45QAR (~8UKP) and the hose for 8QAR (~1.50UKP) for a 2 metre length. The guy then came out and loaded the cylinder into the boot of the car.

Now these cylinders are not like the BBQ gas cylinders in the UK and are lightweight made of glass fibre and not steel, so was a bit dubious about these in the boot not secured. Anyway, headed back to drop these at the villa as wanted to limit the time these were in the car! When they started moving about and then the first big thump as I went over a speed hump it certainly made me think if they should have been put behind the passenger seat and wedged in. Not to worry, made it back in one piece.

Next up I headed over to Carrefour at Villaggio as I remembered when I was last in and looking around I spotted hose clips, so picked up a couple which were 6QAR (~1UKP)for pack of 2. Was heading out there anyway to get some more food in and a few other bits and bobs, so wasn't just for those.

Back to the villa checked the regulator that was on the BBQ and sure enough it was a different type. It had a hose clamp on it, so freed it off and removed the UK regulator, fitted the Qatar regulator and tightened things back up and all good. Connected the other end of the hose with the non-removable screwed fitting to the BBQ and nipped it up tight.

Connected the regulator to the cylinder, which was a simple push fit followed by valve turn to lock in place and open the cylinder and all was good.

Turning the BBQ gas on and clicking the ignitor button and off it went! The BBQ lives.

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