This week with the family paying a visit, there was a need to simplify the methods of transport, particularly for Nadia who was venturing on a girls night out in Doha and I had to stay at the villa to look after the bairns, so wouldn't be able to go and pick her up at the end of the night. Then the following day getting to/from Friday brunch!

A few other had said they had used Uber which is operating in Doha, so thought I would give it a go.

First up was for Nadia to install the app on her phone, register an account and then I simply used my Qatar debit cards as the payment method.

I then also set up the app on my phone and registered / added payment methods.

It worked great. Especially the ability to text the driver with more detailed pickup location, e.g. enter compound, turn right, 2nd villa on right etc. etc.

I also really like the post trip email receipt you get with the route map etc.

There is also a promotion on at the moment in Doha, with 20% off rides over the summer, by simply adding the promotion code DOHASUMMERLOVE

They also run promotions* (like free first rides) based on invite codes, so if you haven't yet signed up you can use my invite code (click the link); uberQatarIsCalling

*Note: promotions have t&c's and subject to change at Uber's discretion


  1. Why Uber given the name UBER QATAR is Calling? It's a benefit of saving money by using promocodes right? But why you interrupting an Nadia With Qatar Uber? What's the use of this?



  2. Hi there, don't quite fully understand your comment. The name of the promo code is one I chose to match the name of the blog. It is simply a referral process, where the new sign up can get a discount etc. that's all.


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