AirCon Failure! I'm melting.......

Last night, I was woken by the bin men doing their 2.30am! Suppose it keeps them out of the rush hour traffic and prevents chaos like it does in Aberdeen.

Anyway, when I woke up and went to look and see what the noise was, I noticed that the bedrooms and hallway upstairs were a tad warm. Went down to the kitchen to get another bottle of water and it was still nice and cool down there.

Going back upstairs I noticed there was no noise, The air con unit for upstairs was still switched to 'On'. Tried a magic reset i.e. Off/On again and heard the fan kick in, so went back to bed.

Woke in the morning melting, no fan running and the temperature in the bedrooms/hallway was 28'C

I reset it again, and the system only stayed running for a little over 2 minutes then died again.

Time to see how good the compounds maintenance response is!

Wandered over to the management office, Never been in before and introduced myself to the guy at the desk and before I even said my name he already knew what villa number I was in, so they are at least paying attention to what's going on.

He said they would get someone over when they are free.

About an hour later, the maintenance guys comes over turned the system off/on and felt the air from the vents and then said he would check outside at the chiller. Next thing I hear is watering draining out the system and then a little while later the sound of gas escaping. Peering out the window I could see them hooking up the recharge hoses and a bottle of refrigerant gas.

10 minutes later, he said they would come back after lunch to check, but that is it working again.

Sure enough the system has stayed on since and the temperature is slowly coming down.



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