Blitzortung coming soon to Doha!

As some of you may already now, I built a lightning detector as part of the Blitzortung network which lives on the roof of my house in Aberdeen.

Now that I am also in Qatar, I thought it would be good to add a second station to my account and take it out with me to Doha. It will (or should be) the first station to be added in Qatar, further extending the reach of the network. I say should as I still have to get it into the country and you never know what the customs might think of electronics and ferrite rods with wires sticking out of them!

I ordered the kit a few weeks back with the intention to build it and test it next time I was in Aberdeen to then take out with me to Qatar.

Yesterday I commenced the build, and completed the antennae amplifier board and today completed the main controller board. Hooked it all up, GPS got a position lock, connected it to the internet and registered the station against my account. Success!

As this was the 2nd system I had built, it was fairly easy the second time round, I wrote an article when I built the 1st system over on CodeProject at the link below, which has more details about the system;

Amplifier board (left) Controller board (right)
Now just to get it out to Qatar and work out how to mount it and run the cables in....probable future post!


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