Our ears will never be the same again......Piano arrived!

As our first major purchase since arriving in Qatar and to continue with Maya and Sasha's piano practice, having plenty of room in the villa meant we could actually fit in a proper piano. Back in Aberdeen they have both been learning on a Yamaha P-95 digital piano that lived in Maya's bedroom.

Before they arrived over here, I had been doing a lot of searching on the internet and looking at different options and where to /what to purchase etc. etc.

Once they arrived in Qatar the first thing to do was take a trip over to the Steinway Piano Gallery at the Pearl. Given the colour scheme in the villa a polished white piano would fit the bill and given the space also fancied a baby grand.

Fortunately over at the piano shop they had one on display and it looked amazing and sounded just as great. Even better, they had one in stock ready for delivery. How could we say no!

This morning, it was duly delivered and set up in the lower hall.

The guys arrived and in a coordinated rehearsed drill, to the sound of "blanket" "lift" "turn" etc. it was done. Fits the space perfectly and the girls love it!

Now just to get the hairy coo pictures, mirrors up and more furniture to finish off...

Big thanks to Vincent, Noah and the delivery guys of Steinway Piano Gallery in Doha.


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