Well, they arrived!

After a false start with the first flight leg being cancelled (reason unknown), BA moved them onto the Virgin flight to Heathrow. This also left not a lot of time to get through the security after transferring from T3 to T4. However they made it on time, and jumped onto the QA flight ready for the 2nd leg to Doha.

It was getting late, and I had already dozed off on the sofa once, ended going and having a shower and getting changed to just keep myself awake.

I left the villa to pick them up at 11.30pm, the flight was scheduled to arrive at 11.55pm. Now, it was going to be hit or miss if I was going to have to wait for ages or not.

Last time I arrived, I was through immigration and bag collection and out of the airport and back to the villa in about 45 minutes max.

This time, however, they took an eternity to get through immigration. There was a number of flights in from India and the Far East, and this all adds extra time at immigration to process each person/family.

As I stood waiting at the arrival, watching the waves of people and baggage come through, they eventually showed up, think it was well after 1am. Back to the car and back to the villa.

As you could imagine the kids were a bit hyper, and think they had lost all volume control of their voices! The noise back at the villa could have woken the dead....how am I going to cope!

Now just to wait for the Airfreight to arrive. It was picked up on the 27th July, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long.....


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