1st Desert Camping!

With the weather cooling down, it was time to do our first overnight camping. We were heading out with the next door neighbours as our guide.....

Packing the car with ice-boxes for food and drinks, sun lounger cushions as mattresses, bog roll, wet wipes and heaps of water. Sleeping bags and a Weber Go Anywhere BBQ.

We headed out from Doha, west towards Zekreet and then came off the main road and just headed into the desert and kept going until we found the coast. Camp was set up before it got dark, then it was time to relax and fire up the BBQs.

The kids and the mums went in for a dip, but it was really shallow and the water was freezing. Colder than you would expect for the area and being an enclosed sea area.

Post BBQ was camp fire time, having collected drift wood off the shore, this things was well toasty! Kids enjoyed their marshmallows.

After numerous hours, I just crashed into the tent I was sharing with the youngest and Nadia. I was woken to the sound of the sea in the morning and thought it was raining as Nadia was complaining of being dripped on. It was condensation on the roof of the tent coming in the seam and dripping down onto her, no rain!

Everyone had a great time, especially the neighbours dogs!

Time to get up, pack up camp and head back. Exhausted, but great fun. Definitely do that again.

Video below posted on YouTube


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