And so the rains came!

The forecast was for rain, with Saturday due to be the worst, based on the mid-week forecast.

Friday saw a little, but more just a tease. Saturday morning, the skies didn't look like it was going to come to anything, then in the afternoon, the skies clouded over and it all begin. A really sharp downpour.

As you can see from the photo below outside the villa, there was a bit of standing water.

C'Ring road looked a bit damp, with a lot of standing water near Ramada Signal

And walking round the villa, you can see how much water had collected in the floor beds

And then came was a lovely day, a wee bit of cloud, but around 32c.....then it started, and it started quickly! The sky got very dark, very quickly, and then the thunder and lightning started. It just got heavier and heavier, the wind picked up and the rain was sheeting with the wind.
It didn't last too long, but the volume of water was incredible. The kids went out round the compound and the standing water was up over the kerb stones, so a good 6+ inches of standing water and the roads in the compound looked like canals!

Fortunately for us, we didn't have any leaks into the villa, but the maintenance guys were out in their slicker suits, with drain rods and plungers, checking all the drains, on the roof spaces, balconies etc.

Looks like there has been some really bad flooding in other parts of the city going by the videos on the various media sites.


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