Waking up in Quarantine

With the late night last night and a long day of travelling the 2 days before, I was a little bit bleary eyed and not really sure where I was when the doorbell of the hotel room went at around 8am.

This was breakfast delivery.......my first quarantine meal. I took the brown paper bag inside, put it on the table and then fell back on my bed....I think I was there for around 20 minutes before I decided to look at the bag.

Breakfast Delivery

Breakfast consisted of sausages, cheese omelette, fried potatoes, beans. 2 slices of bread, an apple, low fat milk carton, Tiptree marmalade, honey and strawberry jam pots and some butter.

In addition to this, there was also 6 litres of bottled water in the room already, some milk pots in the fridge for the tea/coffee making.

The Room

The room is a typical room on the 9th floor. Stayed in them many times before as part of our rotation. I was pleased that the room had a separate shower and bath, as some of them have the shower in the bath.

The room's fine, but we will see if I feel the same after 14 days of this!

The view from the window is towards Westbay and you can see the towers in the distance.

Daily Medical Check

After having breakfast, I put all the rubbish back in the bag and outside the room door for collection. I put the TV on and caught up with my tablet. The doorbell went again at around 9:15. This was for a daily temperature check. Simply open the door with mask on, and the nurse takes your temperature using infrared gun on your forehead. Job done. Day 1 was 36.6'C

I was starting to get peckish and around 11:30 I decided to eat the 2 bits of chocolate that I had got before leaving the Doha flight. That would keep me going before lunch.

Lunch Arrived

The next highlight of the day was lunch, this arrived around 12.30, the doorbell went and it was left having on the door handle.
The mince and tatties, went down alright, I had a couple of potatoes out of the potato salad, but I skipped the pudding, I tried it, but pretty sure it was of some sort of custard mix or something that wasn't to my liking.
I saved the crisps, chocolate croissant and biscuits for later. All the rubbish was back in the bag,

After lunch watch the TV for a bit, but was starting to get tired, fell asleep just after 3 and woke up at around 6.

I ate my chocolate croissant to see me through to dinner.

Dinner Time

The last scheduled daily highlight is dinner. This was delivered to the room around 18:30. Usual ring at the doorbell and left hanging on the door handle.

It was a pasta dish, not something I am too keen on, but eat enough of it not to feel hungry didn't touch the whatever it was other stuff. The pudding was a big no no. Some cinnamon topped don't know what! Definitely not to my liking. Polished off the 2 bread and butter rolls.

After dinner, it was TV time, also caught up on some practice exercises on Duolingo. Then had a shave and a shower. Started to watch a movie on one of the OSN channels, but by 23:30 I was done and time for sleep.

First day wasn't too bad......


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