Saturday, 28 February 2015

I've arrived!

I'm here!

After jumping on the plane in Aberdeen and catching the connection flight from Heathrow Terminal 4, I arrived at midnight last night.

I had one minor hiccup at Heathrow. I had pre-ordered currency from Travel-Ex, but because I came on an interconnecting flight I wasn't near the landside Travel-Ex counter near check-in, however there is another one at the Airside in T4 and they simply transferred the order across and dealt with it.

The flight from Heathrow to Doha was on a Qatar Airways A380-380. First time I had been on one of these double deckers and safe to say it was big.

I must say it was probably the best economy flight I have ever been on. Plenty of seat room even for me at 6'. Was upstairs at the rear economy section and the staff were great. Attentive to service and very friendly.

Beer, soft drinks, crisps, braised steak dinner, sweet and savoury snacks were all excellent.

The new airport in Doha was pretty good as well, it was the first time I had been through it, when I came out last year for the interview it was the old airport. Fairly slick through immigration, security and baggage collection and then customs. No problems.

The relocation company collected me from the airport and took me to my temporary apartment. No issues here either! On arrival, got handed the key, shown the apartment and left to get on with it.
Unpacked my bags and had a poke around etc. and after all the faffing about, probably eventually got to my bed about 3am.

There was actually another new start arrived at the same time and came across with me in the car from the Airport, he is in the apartment next door, so not as if we don't know anybody now.

The apartment is in the Le Mirage Executive Apartments and it is a large 3 bedroom, all ensuite, + kitchen, WC and living room/dining room open plan area. Photos are below.

Got up in the morning, and a quick check of Google Maps showed a Mega Mart supermarket just a few hundred metres way away. Ok, so it was across a busy main road which was a bit like playing Frogger, but nothing we couldn't handle. Maybe next time I'll see if the pedestrian crossing system works...Bought some basic food and household goods just to get going, With the shop close enough it isn't a problem just to take a walk over if I need anything.

So far Day 1 is going well, heading into see some sights and grab a beer tonight with the other new guy from the apartment next door.

Till the next time!

View from balcony

Living Room / Dining Room

Guest Bedroom #1 + Ensuite

Guest Bedroom #2 + Ensuite

Master Bedroom + Ensuite


View from Balcony door

Dining / Kitchen / Living

Dining / Kitchen / Living

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  1. Or the game Crossy Road! For those that aren't old enough to remember Frogger!
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