Thursday, 5 February 2015

Relocation Booked - Flight Options In

Dropped an email to the relocation company following receipt of the schedule yesterday. They came back and confirmed the date was in the diary.

It is rapidly becoming a reality.

The first countdown begins.....shipper arrival T- 20 Days...

Also, flight options came through from the company today, just need to decide whether I want the early start with 3 flights, but arrive at a reasonable time at the other end, or a later start with 2 flights and arrive at midnight at the other end....

I am hedging towards the 2 flight option as although it gets in later, I have all the next day to relax and less chance of baggage going missing.

Start the second countdown......leaving date T- 22 Days....

Today was also spent packing up stuff and sorting this that and the other out. When I see bags of stuff lying around and boxes stacked on top of each other, this is when it really starts to sink in.

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