School Applications - Aarrgghh!

Today was spent completing/ reviewing school application processes and forms.

What a nightmare!

With such a high demand for places and small windows of opportunity to apply, it is extremely difficult to have everything that is required for the applications.

They all want the same thing, but have such varied approaches, whether it is an initial contact form, a registration process to kick-off an application account to then fill in some electronic forms, and then upload a whole bunch of paper forms that have been scanned and completed by;
  • the parents
  • current teachers
  • the children

Then there are all the requirements for having the previous school reports attested and provided. Some things are needed now, others can be provided as time progresses, but must be complete before the child starts etc.

Fair to say it is just a minefield and no guarantee that you will even get a place! 

I have a feeling this is going to be a painful process to bring it to a successful conclusion.


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