A reliable tradesman? You bet!

As you maybe read in my last post, when the plumber was here to sort out the lack of water problem I made an off the cuff remark about the leaking cistern in the downstairs toilet. He said he would come back on Saturday at 9.30 am to fix it.

Being the weekend and being an impromptu appointment I had my doubts whether a) he would remember and b) would be on time.

Saturday morning arrives, I got up and did wonder if they would show.....

The doorbell goes almost bang on 9.30! He appeared with a set of seals, his tools and an assistant. I just let them in and left them to it.

I could hear them taking the toilet to bits and clattering away, then could hear the water filling and a few flushes later, they were all done, I reckon about 30 minutes max all in.

No leaving to get parts, no leaving to get tools, no leaving and I'll come back to tomorrow...and they even leave their shoes outside on the path, not even on the veranda at the front door...

You can't ask for more!


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