Thursday, 9 July 2015

What no water??? Maintenance time!

Was across the road at the Radisson for another training course today. Came back to the villa and noticed that the water out of the taps appeared to be not as high a pressure.

Quick check of all the others and noticed they were all the same. Went up to the main internal cold water storage tank that sits at the top of the stairwell next to the access door to the roof and lifted the lid to see what's what.

Empty, not a drop of water in it.

Decided to go and investigate to see if there was any reason for the water being off, and on the way to the management office, stopped at the security at the gate and asked if they knew if any reason the water off. They weren't aware of anything, and when I said I would go and ask the management office they told me it was closed, but they have an emergency call out number for maintenance and would call them and get back to me.

I returned to the villa and about 5 minutes later, the plumbers turned up. He checked a few things like the turning the taps, looked in the tank and then circuit breakers and then flicked the main water pump isolator switch in the kitchen and the other guy went to get the electrician.

While waiting for the sparky, the plumber flicked the main pump switch a few times and noticed that the neon indicator illuminated for a fraction of second and said the sparky will check the fuse. While flicking the switch on and off and playing with the fuse carrier, the water pump must have kicked in outside and we could hear the water start to fill the tank and after a few seconds stop again. a few more flicks and fuse carrier rotations and the pump stayed on. The electrician turned up, didn't appear to do anything and was happy it was just a dodgy contact and then left. The plumber said he would wait 10 minutes for the tank to top up a bit and then purge the system and make sure all okay again.

While he was waiting I asked him if he was also the one who would fix toilets. After acknowledgement I showed him the downstairs toilet that leaked water from under the cistern when you pull the flush. He said he would come back on Saturday to fix that. He suggested 9.30 am which is fine by me.

Plumber then did a final check, I signed the maintenance log sheet and he left.

Another excellent response from the maintenance team, considering it was technically out of hours on the last day of the work week.

Wait and see if he turns up on Saturday now!

Oh, another point to note, is I use the term "cold" water tank, as that is what it is, but in reality it is farm from it. I measured the temperature of the water filling the tank and it was 41'C This is the mains water temp....could almost climb into the tank and have spa bath!

'Cold' water tank

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