Summer is building!

I am offshore at the moment, and previous trips I have noticed that there is approximately a 10'C-15'C variance to the temperature between offshore and onshore.

This trip things are definitely heating up. I went out for a walk around the plant and took a thermometer with me, and in the shaded areas of the top deck, out of the way of any heat producing plant, the temperature peaked around 40'C (this was at 4pm).

Today, it feels even hotter, there was higher levels of humidity from early on in the day, and today was the first one where I had to come in after only 25 minutes of sun worship at lunch and go and take a shower and change as was soaked through.

We are just on the throws of entering the hot sticky month of August, so things could be interesting! Especially so for the family arriving at the start of August come from a much colder environment.

There are also several reports by various weather groups that this years El Nino could make things even hotter and summer longer, with summer extending beyond September!

Drink lots and keep cool!


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