Banking Update and Villa Move!

After the previous mishap with the bank ATM packing in during the transaction, the next morning I headed up to the bank and after a quick chat, the card was returned and the form was completed by the staff for me to then sign and have the money returned to my account. Simples. Checked today and it is all back in order. Only thing was they had put the money back in the Riyal account instead of the USD account, but no great shakes where it went.

I then decided with my current schedule for the next few weeks being a bit manic and add to the fact I was fed up having a villa and not living in it I wanted to move out of the temporary apartment.

I got up one morning and headed over to the villa to have a think about what I would need to get to facilitate moving in, without my shipment arriving. Taking into account food, drink, consumables I made a list of things in my head as a starter then headed off to Carrefour to buy them and anything else that jumped into my head while walking around.

Came away with;
Inflatable double bed, duvet, pillow, sheet/cover/pillowcase/towels, plates/glasses, knifes/cutlery/tin opener and various other smaller bits and bobs.

On the way back, went into QDC and had another top up of beer and added some spirits to start the stocking up on various things such as Vodka, Bacardi, Baileys, Disaronno.

Also, grabbed some Peperami and Smokey Bacon crisps from the Pork Department! (yes you need a liquor license to buy these as well!)

Headed back to the villa, cleaned all the floors, then setup the bed. Went over to the temporary apartment, packed up all my stuff, emptied the fridge and then went to the reception and told them I was checking out early due to changes in plans. They went and printed out one of the moving out inventory checklist and went in to the apartment checked through everything and happy nothing missing or broken. Handed over the keys and left.

Back to the villa and emptied out the car, I had put all the sheets and towels I had bought into the wash and they were ready to hit the tumble dryer, ready for later.

Sat back for a moment and enjoyed a little break;
Yes, license required to buy the food!
Loaded up the fridge and freezer, put the things in the cupboards, washed all the plates and cutlery/glasses I had bought in the dishwasher etc. It was all taking shape nicely.

That night after everything done, had a shower and climbed into the inflatable bed, surprisingly comfy and it will do for the time being till my things arrive. Only going to hopefully sleep in it for about 5 nights max over the next 5 weeks, By then everything should be here.

So that's more temporary apartment and another step closer to being fully moved in!


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