Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holidays and Relocation

Been almost a couple of weeks since my last post, so thought I had better do something.

The delay has-been for good reason though!

I went back to the UK to meet up with family and friends and head over to Tignes in France for a spot of end of season skiing. Could tell it was end of season as it was absolutely scorching (for the Alps), especially when the sky was blue and we were sat out enjoying refreshments, a few little on the slope bar / restaurants. The downside of these temperatures were heavy sticky snow particularly from lunchtime on-wards. Fun was had by all though, so worth the travel.

I had the pleasure of Qatar Airways Business Class for the flights to / from Qatar, and this was on the A380-800.
A Rather Comfy Space
It was a very pleasant experience, particularly on the way to the UK as I was fully stretched out, totally relaxed for the flight. On the way back however, I could not get comfy, think this was due to being in aches and pains from skiing coupled with an economy flight from Geneva to Aberdeen followed by a 2 hour drive only a matter of hours before. The QA staff were excellent and really couldn't fault the flight or service.

While I was in Aberdeen, I also took advantage of the local B&Q diy store to purchase bits and bobs for the villa in Qatar. Nothing fancy, things that would fit in my luggage and be easier to get and cheaper than in Qatar. Kitchen cupboard door handles, sink plugs and gate latches etc. See, nothing fancy!

My shipment from the UK was due to arrive in Doha while I was in France and sure enough I received an email from the shipping agent confirming arrival. They sent me a letter to print and sign then scan and send back to have start the import process. Fortunately the staff at the hotel assisted happily in France and printed this out for me to sign and scan and send it back to me for forwarding electronically onto the shipper.

Now that I am back in Qatar and offshore, the shipment is going through customs release delivery so now it will be when I get back onshore in May. Just in time for the wife and kids to happen for a wee visit! Guess I'll be building furniture and un-packing boxes..........

On the schools front, things are still desperate, with rejections, wait lists and assessments schedules. Certainly glad when it is all over!

And finally, quite a few of us make an appearance in the latest Visual MediaCom video just released .... but I'll leave you to work out who is who in the group.

Ok, here are a few hints;
Gary and Me @ 0:04, Maya and Brooke @ 0:13, Louise, Dawn, Brooke and Maya @ 0:35 and quite a few other appearances!

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