My First Sandstorm!

In the Radisson last night for dinner and drinks with some work colleagues. At the end of the night headed downstairs from the bar to leave the hotel and head back to my apartment. Stepping out of the lift into the ground floor of the hotel to be presented with a completely bizarre sight. It was like the hotel was full of smoke and visibility was rubbish. This was the dust in the air from the sandstorm outside.

Heading through the lobby towards the exit, I could start to see outside and it wasn't very pleasant. The sky was orange with dust. It was like a really foggy day....Visibility was shocking, the air was dry and gritty, my eyes felt like someone had removed all lubricating tears.

I got home and the white polo shirt I was wearing was orange, my boots were covered, and everything arms, face, head all felt filthy. My car is now filthy........


Turns out the sandstorm was apparently one of the worst for years and was over Saudi, Qatar and UAE.

Today, the Supreme Education Council in Qatar have closed all schools given the levels of dust still in the air.

Someone posted the video below of the sandstorm whipping up and blowing in. Quite and impressive view.

More videos and pictures from various people can be found on this article:

Think today there will be a lot of cleaning being done!


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