Monday, 5 October 2015

Front Garden Furniture Time

Following on from the Front Garden Demolition Time post, this is going the other way, build time!

Having looked at several places at different styles and layouts we had settled on a outside sofa, while we were looking at this we also settled on a suitable gazebo as well. Having taken a trip out to the shop on the Tuesday and placed the order, the delivery was for the next day while I was at a work related workshop, and not forgetting I was still in the middle of demolishing the old stuff.

Nadia took receipt of the delivery and everything was just piled up in the front garden, so when I came back from the workshop to continue the destruct work, I first had to move all the new stuff.

After completing the destruct on the Wednesday evening, when I came back from the 2nd day of the workshop on the Thursday there was a compound BBQ at the poolside, so couldn't get anything done that day.

Friday morning came round and eventually got started on the build.

Assembling the main roof beams, it became apparent that the instructions were wrong, so had to take things apart again and shuffle things about to get the bits in the right place. When I noticed the 'extra' holes in the steel I thought something wasn't right, but kept going as per instructions.......time to think about things on how I thought they should go and not how the instructions should go!

Getting past the first hurdle, the second problem appeared, the instructions for the roof and curtain support required 2xD1 and 2xD2 parts, but the box only had 1xD1 and 3xD2....aaaarrrgghhh! These parts were different in the D1 parts had a box section that allowed all the sides to be bolted together to make a box that then bolted down onto the main structural beams. I gave the shop a phone, but being a Friday, there was no answer. I sent them an email in the meantime....

I had two options, a) wait until I get the correct parts or b) carry on and try and fabricate a work around so I can keep building.

Well, it was Friday, brunch day, it was now just after 11am and we were meeting some friends for brunch at 12.30, so it was going to have to wait.

.......a few hours pass..........brunch is over, I am a wee bit merry, I have building to do, so option 'b' it is!

Got back to the villa, got changed and picked up the tools. Having fabricated a corner support bracket out of a stainless steel support bars that I had taken out from the UK as a 'might be handy' parts, I also fabricated a roof support bar that could hold the roof attaching bracket. Bolting it all together it was rock solid and a definite winner!

I carried on with the construction, got it all finished and into place, next up all the furniture was unpacked and positioned where we wanted it to make sure it looked ok. Next the furniture was moved back out of the gazebo and built on its side vertically, this was to allow the underside bolting brackets that hold it all together to be fitted.

Gently lowering it all back towards the ground, making sure that the brackets took the strain and not allowing them to bend, the whole lot was back on the ground and shuffled into the tent.

Job done!

Finished Seating Area
The shop then contacted me on the Saturday to say they were sending out some of their guys with the right bits the next day.
Sunday afternoon they turned up, and were both curious as to how I managed to complete it and then quite impressed with my work around!

It was simply a case of, taking down one curtain side, undoing a couple of bolts, releasing the brackets I had made, then dropping out the wrong D2 and replacing it with the correct D1 and then bolting everything back in place and putting the curtain back on.

Next up is to think about maybe a dinning table for the area.....

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