Friday, 30 October 2015

[TripAdvisor Contribution] Al Adhamiyah - Very good meal, enjoyed by all

Very good food coupled with helpful friendly staff made for a pleasant evening.

From the starters to the mains the food was abundant and tasty. So much food in fact, some of it came home in a doggy bag!

The cream of chicken soup was excellent and my daughter loved her lentil soup. The others had 'mixed appetizer' The mixed grills were also very tasty, although when I bit into the liver it reminded me of my childhood and my dad tucking into a plate of liver!

Pricing was very reasonable (in QAR);
Mixed appetizer 45, Baba Ghanouj 14, Lentil/Chicken Soups 14, Mixed Grill 55, Lamb Chops 52, Meat Kebab 48, Chicken Kebab 44, Kouzi Lamb 54, Kouzi Chicken 48, Mixed Kuba 38.

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