[TripAdvisor Contribution] The Grill - Sadly disappointing for a Brunch

Had some family over from the UK and took them for Friday brunch here as this one was still on the 'to try' list.

For our guest they were still fine happy with it all as nothing to compare against, however my wife and I were both disappointed by it. There was just something missing, it was as if the heart was no longer in it.

I felt the grill selection was lacking and considering this place is called 'The Grill' is should have been the focus of the whole area, not just tucked away in a corner.

When we arrived, it took several requests before the bubbles actually turned up, repeatedly having to ask it not what you expect!

On the plus side, the roast beef was very good, and the puddings I picked up were very nice. Also they made the effort to find another fan for outside and this was definitely appreciated.

Even the children made comment about how it was lacking compared to the other brunch they have been to.

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