1st Doha Christmas

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays  or whatever you want to call it!

This has certainly been a different one..........but a great one!

I really did not know what to expect, but was surprised by just how 'into it' all the shops are. There is no shortage of Christmas decorations up. Everywhere you go, the malls, the shops within the malls, the hotels, even driving down the roads and looking in the office windows you can see trees.

Both sets of parents paid us a visit which was good to get them away from the cold of the UK! I think they have had a great time and certainly got to see everything from a different perspective.

We had Christmas dinner in the villa, and the food was a "turkey to go" from the Radisson Blu hotel across the road. We went over to the hotel to collect it came back to the villa and it was such a smooth operation it took all the hassle out of things.

The food was excellent and plentiful and no complaints at all.

Boxing Day was a brunch day, and we all headed over to Marsa Malaz Kempinski at The Pearl. Held in the Sawa dining room, this was our second brunch here and lived up to expectations. Excellent food, service and company. We had met up with some of our friends and they also had one of their sets of parents over for the holidays. Two of the sets of parents knew each other from UK as well, so it wasn't 'complicated' if you know what I mean.

The kids were delighted that both "Shimmer" their "Elf on the shelf" and Santa/Father Christmas had managed to find us okay since moving from the UK.

There was no snow, so not a white Christmas, and don't think there was any sun either! The rain started on Christmas Eve about 6pm and didn't stop until sometime on Boxing Day!

I suppose one big benefit being here was Nadia managed to hunt through the handbags in the "Via Domo" area at Villaggio! Yes, spoilt again........

With other sight seeing and dining experiences thrown into the mix, it made for a very pleasant break, and now here I am offshore again, ready for New Year!


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