Sunday, 27 December 2015

[TripAdvisor Contribution] Sawa - Boxing Day Brunch - Excellent!

On arrival, we thought something was up as the main entrance to the hotel was closed and went in via the 'VIP entrance' next to the bridge roundabout, don't know what the matter was, as when we left the normal entrance was back in operation.

With the poor weather outside, we were glad we had booked an inside table (2 tables of 8 side by side), although the original table we had selected wasn't the one we ended up with due to them having to re-arrange everything to cater for those who had booked an outside table. (We asked when we arrived, just in case it was a mistake, but they explained everything fine).

Obviously the hotel can't book the weather, so no point get worked up about nothing. With parents over from the UK from Christmas, we wanted to ensure they had a great day and without question they had a great time. The staff were excellent, the food was excellent, the bubbles, wine, beer and cocktails kept flowing and the plates were rarely empty! I remember the band setting up and thinking this is going to get loud, but in reality, once everything settled down and everyone was enjoying themselves, the band was no problem at all.

It all lived up to expectations and was of the usual high standards expected and comparing to visits earlier in the year was on par. The cooked to order rare beef off the grill was perfect.

Both sets of parents thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and my dad expressed how it was such a good value at the price per head for what is effectively all you can eat and drink, and how you wouldn't get that level of service or standard for the same price in the UK!

Thanks for another great afternoon.......

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