Maintenance Again!

After having spent time cleaning up around the garden, I had noticed that there was a small pool of water that just wasn't going away. When I first spotted it I thought it was just from when the gardener had been out watering the place, however after a couple of days it still being there I took a closer look. This is when I noticed that there was actually a pipe coming out of the path with the water trickling out of it. To being with I wasn't sure, then thought this is maybe the drain from the roof that I had never worked out where it went. Previously this pipe was hidden in the undergrowth, but since cutting everything back it was now accessible.
I headed up onto the roof and sure enough the roof was wet and turned out the water was coming out a bleed/vent line from master bedroom was tank. The pipe had been rubbing on a concrete support and developed a pin hole.

The second problem was the main indoor water tank. It wasn't filling up, and I would have to put my hand in it and wiggle the float to kickstart the pump and start to fill the tank. After having had to do this 4 times in a few days it was starting to get annoying.

I went round to the management office, I had reported the leak a couple of days earlier, but they hadn't turned up yet, so reminded them about that and also about the float.

Before I had managed to get back to the villa after going the long way round as Sasha was with me on her scooter, the maintenance guys were already at the villa.

I found the plumber taking the pipes of the outside tank (which had nothing wrong with it) and told him it was the upstairs tank.

He put the pipes back together and while he did this another guy started to change the electric float. The outside guy then proceeded to fix the leaking pipe by simply cutting out and replacing a 30cm section using a couple of pipe unions and a new length of copper pipe.

So that was those problems fixed.

Well, almost.

I noticed the tank upstairs wasn't filling frequently, but almost ran empty before refilling, so I adjusted the length of the cable hanging in the tank to adjust the 'Start' point.

Also, I noticed that the tank outside was now leaking out the overflow. The plumber had accidently rotated the float valve when re-attaching the pipework he took off by mistake, so it wasn't cutting off now until much later, enough to let it flow out the overflow. Again, I loosened everything off, and re-adjusted the float valve and all good now.


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