AirCon Annual maintenance.

Arrived home from offshore today and there were a couple of bikes sitting at the front gate, coming in I spotted what looked like workmens shoes lying at the front step.

Opening the front door and heading inside, I went and dumped by bag in the front room then headed to the kitchen to be met with a guy holding a jet wash gun (in the house!). I said 'Hello' and asked what was broken and he simply said, "I'm cleaning".

Ok I thought and headed upstairs to find another guy mopping the floor.

They were into everything, cleaning all the vents, filters and even stripping down the fan units outside and greasing and cleaning them.

Proper thorough job and left no trail behind them!

Wasn't until he presented me with the paperwork to sign before they left that I noticed on it "Annual AC Maintenance".

Makes sense now.....:-)


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