Tuesday, 1 March 2016

1 Year on......Still Smiling! :-)

One year ago I started my new job down here in Qatar. I actually arrived late on the 27th February, but today was the contract start date and 1st day turned up in the office to commence the onboarding.

I cannot believe how quick a year it has been. Not only has it been a quick year, but the current state of the oil industry has really forced through a lot of changes quickly.

With cut backs, redundancies, organisation changes, contract amendments in all companies and the never ending news of devastation in the industry media, I really did wonder what the future might bring. Friends and colleagues leaving the company and having to leave Qatar also brings the reality close to home.

From first arriving and moving into the temporary apartment until my shipment arrived, then moving into the new villa, the family arriving in August and the kids starting school, family visits in October and Christmas. The trawling round the shops looking for suitable furniture and just 'stuff' in general.

That first experience of what a 'Hot Day' really means here in Qatar and the first experience of walking home from the nearby hotel bar in a full on sandstorm and how can I forget the mad traffic.

It can all be seen as just part of the experience!

So, I'm pleased to say I'm still smiling!

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