New Gate.....

One of the problems having the private walled garden is that does exactly that. However, sometimes you want to be able to see outside or to let people know they are welcome. Or even when the kids are out playing not having to keep opening it for them.

It was fine when there was no dog, but now we are fostering Bella, can't leave the gate open and it must be locked all the time.

We noticed round the compound that numerous others have had a second wooden gate fitted. These are made by the compound workmen and you basically pay cost for the material and then a small add-on for labour.

All in all about approx £50 to have the materials purchase, gate made and fitted.

I had a spare drop latch which I had taken out from the UK and fitted that myself to the gate as it is easier for the kids to use than the snib on the inside, which probably means better chance of it being closed properly!

The carpenter seen me messing with the gate about 20 minutes after he had fitted it and thought there was something wrong and came over with a worried look on his face. Once I had explained what I was doing his smile returned and then complimented me on my battery drill!

Just have to wait for the painter now......


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