Monday, 7 March 2016

Caught in the rain!

Took the dog out for a walk round the compound this morning. When I first stepped out into the garden it was clear that something was brewing with the weather. The clouds looked odd and there was a constant steady rumble coming from the sky. it was so continuous that it was as if a plane was passing overhead. With the occasional flash of lightning just feeding more thunder into the echoey noise.

About half way round the compound the lightning was becoming more frequent and the thunder was still ongoing but getting louder. turning the last corner on the home straight the rain started and was pretty large drops and then it picked up. There was an empty garage nearby, so the dog and I headed for some cover.

It progressively got heavier and heavier, until the road was just a sheet of water after almost 10 minutes it eased off and we made a dash for it back to the villa.

As we headed back, there was one of the compound maintenance staff heading somewhere with a plunger..guessing someone's drain is blocked!

As we don't see rain very often, it is almost satisfying to get some!

Suppose it helps when it is warm rain....

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