Mist pump fixed and what's that bug?

Arrived home from offshore and spotted the garden fan sitting outside which reminded me that Nadia had said she had taken out of the store and that the water mist was not working.

I pulled it out the tank blew water through the inlet and outlet and checked there were no obstructions.

The pump unit is unbranded with the model number GG-888 and thought that I should be able to find something on the net should I need to search for any info or a replacement etc.
GG-888 Submersible Pump

I pulled the end housing off and then opened the end plate to expose the impeller and turned it on briefly out of the water and then dunked it back under the water surface and as soon as water entered the unit the impeller slowed and appeared to be juddery as if there wasn't enough forced to keep it turning in water.

Pulling out the shaft pulled the impeller with it and inside it looked like there was a magnet as the main core. I managed to get the magnet out and on close examination noticed that on the impeller mount had a slight raised key which matched an indentation on the magnet end face. It appears that while in storage the glue had dried out and it had simply parted so when put in the water the impeller was slowing down, and the magnet kept turning.

Using a small dab of Gorilla Glue I put the two pieces back together and left it overnight with a weight on it to maintain a good bond while it cured.

The next morning I used a 3mm drill bit to clear out the shaft hole as the glue had squeezed into it. The impeller/magnet were now spinning freely on the shift. Lubricating the shaft and the end mounts with some petroleum jelly, put the whole lot back in the housing and tested it out. Perfect working pump again!

What's that Bug!
While I was doing the initial assessment of the pump, I heard this almighty scream from Maya, thinking she had hurt herself on something I turned to hear the frantic noises being emitted as she danced and pointed at some bug.

It was an odd looking thing with a big fat body, about 4 to 5cm long and a half-dozen legs at the head end. Flicking it onto the patio to get a better look at it it proceed to have a poop, then wandered across the ground.

 No idea what it was.......but certainly entertaining watching Maya's reaction!

Update: after using the pictures as inputs for Google Image search, it turns out that the bug is a Scarab Beetle larvae.....Yah! for Google!


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