Packing well underway now...Day 2, Sunday

The packers arrived on Saturday morning, and it immediately turned into a box fest and the sound of packing tape being unrolled was echoing round the villa.

They started off downstairs in the living room / dining room and kitchen. Boxing up the chairs and sofa, then moving upstairs to start on the bedrooms.

One of the other guys went round and measured everything that was going to be put into wooden crates, the piano, the pictures, glass tops of the units and outside tables, TVs, computer monitor, mirrors. The crating would be done in a couple of days time once they had been made.

We had also moved across into the company apartments last night. it was the apartment next door to the one that I stayed in when I first arrived in 2015.

I had taken the OSN satellite box with me from the villa to the apartment, but didn't have any joy getting it to work. Doesn't look like there was a dish at the other end of the wall socket :-(.

The internet wasn't the best....bit slow. We had been up to Ooredoo to initiate a transfer of the service, but didn't have the electricity number for the property, so would have to go back again for them to do it.

Living Room, through into Dinning Room

Area under the stairs, ground floor

Main Hallway


Living Room

Dining Room

Upstairs Hall - Living Room #2

Sasha Bedroom - Still to start!

Maya Bedroom - Still to Start

Upstairs Hall - Living Room #2

Guest Bedroom - Still to Start

Master Bedroom - Bed Area

Master Bedroom - Office Area

Master Bedroom - Office Area


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