One dead router later....

Gave up on the OSN box and took it back to the villa to put into the shipment, but took, the wifi router from the villa to the apartment.

I had done a check on the 2nd port on the Cisco phone and there was open internet on it. Plugged the router into there and switched it on.

There was bright blue flash, followed by a warm orange glow and smoke rising up from the router.

Yes, I had accidentally plugged the wrong power adaptor into the router. I had two in my bag, one for the Linksys AE8500 wifi router and one for the Ubiquiti Edgerouter POE. The latter used a 24v adaptor which the 12v linksys really didn't like.

A good excuse to go and buy a new router then! Really did not like the AE8500. The software was just....bad...really bad.....

So after a trip to Jarir, picked up a D-Link DIR-895L/R (AC-5300) plugged it in, set it up and off we went! Internet all good. I had never tried a D-Link product before, so good reason to take it for a spin. Jarir did have the newer version of the Linksys in shop, but after not liking the last ones software, decided against it.

With internet now in place, we could get telly off of OSN Play and other online services...time to just cancel the internet service transfer from Ooredoo and cancel that service altogether.

D-Link DIR-895L/R


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