And finally its empty..........

Wednesday 8.30pm and the shippers have just left. 5 full days of packing.

The villa is now basically empty. It has been a looooong day.

The shipment was finally packed up, the crated goods were all done, after slight modification to the one for the piano and one for the bedroom glass desktops.

Because of the current shipping issues with Qatar, we don't actually know when it will be put into a container. So everything headed off in 3 lorries to the warehouse, to await a container loading schedule.

At least the shipping companies have identified a new route through Oman, with the first vessel coming 25th June, but we don't know when ours will leave. Probably now run late for the arrival in Cyprus so, will just have to wait and see how that changes things.

Today, also picked up a hire car, and the afternoon the company car was returned.

Kia Sportage, is probably not big enough, but it will do seeing as it is only for a couple of weeks. Not as if we are doing furniture runs to Ikea any more!

Gave the villa bit of a sweep, turned off the lights and went back to the apartment for a sleep...

The crew from GWC were excellent.


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