Let the off boarding commence...

Came home from offshore on the Thursday afternoon, and it was immediately into destruct mode.

The packers were scheduled to arrive on Saturday, and there was a millions things I wanted to do before they get here.

I had 4 beds to destruct, garden furniture to take apart, BBQ to clean, outside store to empty, electronics to be taken to bits, clothes to sort into bundles....

I could have easily left them to take everything apart, but I wanted to do it in a way that minimises the number of bits, bolts back into boltholes, and be able to know how it all goes back together again at the other end.

One of the problems however was the fact it was June. Take the gazebo for example, it is black metal and it was scorching. It was so hot, that when I laid the main support members on the grass to take apart, they actually left burnt stripes on the grass. Needless to see I had many nippy fingers and metal part juggling during the process.


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