Car Insurance NCDs

If I'm going to be in my home country for <90 days per year, it is going to be pretty pointless to have an expensive car sitting around doing nothing.

However, no claim discounts are important for keeping car insurance costs down and need to keep them maintained so they do not get lost. I check my current insurance provider's literature and website, but couldn't find anything that told me what their policy was. Also, they have no direct email contact addresses, so the only option is to phone. Or is it.

Hopping onto Twitter, a quick check to see if they had a presence, and yes they do so I sent them a quick tweet;

They pretty quickly responded (in 12 minutes!) with the answer that they remain valid for 2 years, but will accept up to 3 years if I return to them. Excellent, now I know.

Thanks Tom!

Another win for social media. Not having to sit in telephone queues!


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