Monday, 19 January 2015

Resignation Time.

Well, today is the day.

I took a drive out to the office, it was very slow and traffic was horrendous due to overnight snow and ice.

Gave me plenty time to think, that is for sure.

Got into the office and went to popped into see my boss.

Delivered the news.......I just could not believe how hard it was to tell them. I suppose after 25 years it is a massive change, it is bound to have some impact.

After spending a bit of time in the office catching up with a few of the others. I headed off to meet the wife and my parents for a spot of lunch, before heading to town to get ideas for furniture to take with us etc.

By the time I got home, there were messages already starting to appear from colleagues etc. wondering if the rumours that were circulating were true and was I really heading off.

I find it hard to get my head around this sad and happy mixed emotion.

Not to worry though, just keep going and I'm sure it will all work out!

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