Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Formal Application.

No, your eyes are not mistaken, that subject does say "The Application", and yes, so do the last post!

Christmas and New Year are now well behind us. In fact, it is now 17th February 2014 and I am looking at another email via LinkedIn from an internal recruiter at the company I have already applies for. The old one has left and new chap has taken over.

They have decided to start the recruitment process again following the organisation restructure. The company director had my CV and wants to follow up with me to see if I'm still interested etc.

A couple of days later I was request to initiate the processes formally by applying via an online application form at the company.

After a small amendment to the CV and Application Letter to take account of a location change on my own current status, the application was submitted.

The automated acknowledgement was received with the expected "your application is being reviewed" statements.
It is getting exciting now! I think I have gone from 'dipping a toe in the water' to 'where is this going'

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