The Online Test.

That was quick, only a few days later I received an email saying that following review of my application, the company would like to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

23rd February 2014 and I received login details to complete an online set of cognitive tests. These would be completed twice, the first time online and the second time in Qatar if I was successful at getting to the face to face interview stage.

The test covered the usual cognitive tests featuring the similar shapes and word associations etc. and had to completed as many questions (out of 50) in 12 minutes. There was also two sets of 50 words and had to pick in the first list any words how I saw myself, and in the 2nd list how I thought others perceived me.

I had done several types of these over the years, in fact they featured in my initial assessment for the apprenticeship 25 years earlier! They had also featured during the various leadership courses over the years.

Tests done and time to wait again...


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