The Telephone Interview.

The day after completing the online tests I received an email inviting me to a telephone interview.

Things are getting serious now. After a few emails to arrange a suitable date and time agreeable to both parties the date was sent.

Over the following few days, I was into self-reflection mode.

Who was I, what do I do, what am I all about and thinking about all the potential questions they may ask.

The day arrives Sunday 9th March 2014, yes they run their work week Sunday to Thursday, something that would have to get use to if it happens!

I sat nervously at home waiting for the phone to ring.

'Ring-Ring' This is it, here goes.....panic!

I answer......'Hello, good morning, David speaking.' - it was the Ops Director at the other end......full nerves kicked in.

The conversation was brief, approximately 20ish minutes of a 1 hour allocated time slot.

It felt good, there were no uncomfortable silences, it had good flow.....had I said the right things, did I mess up anything, it felt positive and I don't recall picking anything negative that might have suggested I had messed up.

Time will tell!


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