Finger Prints and BBQ Brunch

Thursday brought another trip out to get the next part of the residency process done. This was the finger printing stage. Headed out to the one of the fingerprinting facilities at the Criminal Evidence  and Investigation Department (CEID) along the Salwa Road, quite a bit out of town.

Arriving we were ushered into a room and asked to take a seat, given a number and told to go up to the finger print processor when the number was called.

It was a scanner machine and the operator took your fingers and palms and pressed them onto the glass one at a time and then as a group and that was it done, there was five of us from work and we must have only been there about 10 minutes.

Next week is the Iris Scanning and the Driving License issuing, so will see how that goes.

The evening brought us to the St. Regis Hotel for a 40th Birthday meal. This was a BBQ evening brunch.

Arriving at this imposing hotel, we went through to the BBQ area and were issued with a chefs apron and then taken to the table. The waitress came over and started serving the water, wine, bubbles and beer. The food was excellent, with great selection of meats and fish. I settled for a huge rib and some fillet. The waitress just kept filling up the glass so absolutely no idea how much was consumed, but safe to say it made for a great evening! It came to 420QAR pp (approx 75GBP) for pretty much eat and drink as much as you want.

You can read some more detail about the brunch offerings at St. Regis here:

Below is a video of the BBQ that is made by the hotel and published on YouTube.


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