Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Residency Process Continues and oh no an iPhone!

After work yesterday a number of us joined the company government relation guy and headed off to carry on the next phase of the residency process.

Given how many of us there were, we couldn't all fit in one car, so some of us phoned behind him in a taxi, The taxi driver didn't know where we were going so had to stick close and be a bit ruthless to ensure he didn't get parted from the lead car in the manic traffic.

Arrived at the first establishment, one of the Gulf Laboratory and X-ray branches. This was the centre to get another blood sample taken for blood typing. This was a simple finger pin prick and blood smear on a microscope glass plate. While we were inside, the taxi waited outside as we would only be 5-10 minutes here.

Came out jumped in the taxi and head off to another place, not sure where it was or what it was called, but it was a small photographic studio where we had our pictures taken for the ID cards. Again the taxi waited outside.

Once this was complete we were free to go, so some of the guys walked back to the apartments which were not far away as we wouldn't all fit in the one car and as I was still needing the taxi for another trip I jumped in with one of the other guys who was needing dropped at the Radison Blu hotel.

We went back to the apartment first as that was the easiest route, I jumped out and quickly ran in to drop my laptop bag and get changed into jeans and a polo shirt and then back into the same taxi. Dropped the other guy off at the hotel and then headed over to Al Jazi compound were I was meeting some friends for dinner and a few beers.

Got to the compound and by now had been with the same taxi for 1.5 hours. Not really sure how much this was going to be, he asked for 170QAR which you really can't complain at, a taxi for an that length of time running around and back and forth across Doha and it only came to 30GBP! Couldn't you imagine how much that would be in Aberdeen, but it wouldn't be 30 pounds, that's for sure.

Had a great dinner and catch up with friends and then they called a taxi using UBER which of course is prepaid to get me back to the apartment across town again.

Next morning, got up and jumped in a cab with my next door neighbour who had booked one to get to the office as my car was still at the office given the events of the evening before.

That day at the office was pretty good, meeting more folk and starting to get more into the guts of what's happening in the company etc. Also completed a couple of the mandatory training courses around security, so things are falling into place nicely (I think!).

The previous Nokia mobile I had been given was just not happening, so decided it was going back and after speaking with the office teams yesterday, the only option was venturing into Apple territory. Yesterday I placed the internal request which my boss approved and today I collected a new iPhone 6, I also get an iPad and that should be with me next week. Playing around with the phone and it is just so not me.....ah well, its free so it will do for work. Probably get my own Sim out here for my own phone, but no need for it at the moment.

Had to send some more bits and bobs to one of the schools today, so should almost be there with the applications. Couple of more things required at the moment, then until the attested reports come back and the new June 2015 reports are released from the school and then they will also have to be attested and sent over to Qatar.

Drive home went a lot better tonight, no zig-zagging across town to find the right roads, managed a pretty direct route back, so think we have almost cracked it! That's only the to-from the office though, don't expect me to know where anything else is!

Quiet night in tonight, pizza for dinner and while waiting for that from the oven completed the apartment inventory check as part of the move in process, glad I did as there were a few things missing. Nothing major, but for example, soup spoon, bedroom bin, some sheets, towel etc. There was also some stuff not included on the inventory, like the picture and lights in the hallway.

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